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beautifulmechanical: Mariana Lazarciuc (abstract)

Beautiful music all the time

Beautiful Mechanical

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Name:Beautiful Mechanical
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Do you love music? We do, too.
This is a place to get each other excited about music of all kinds and share the music that you love. Please *do* join the conversation and share any kind of music that you like.

We would love to affiliate with any music groups on DW.

Please don't post links to download music unless it is music that artists have made available for free download. Embedded videos or audio are fine, as are links to music-focused websites, links to playlists, etc. If there's an artist that you love, please tell us about this person! Discussion posts about music are great, too.

Tagging: Please tag by genre(s). You can use the search box to look for specific artists. You can also tag by decade/time period. Finally, we have an array of other tags to help with searching:

!deep dive
!helpful info

You can add tags as needed in this community. Make good choices!

Challenges: A challenge is an invitation to post music (or music-related pictures, links, text, etc.) that meets a particular theme. We have two types of challenges in this community. For freeform challenges, check the list of previous challenges below. We also have biweekly community challenges which are posted on Fridays. If you would like to post a community challenge, please message one of the mods so we can schedule you.

Previous Challenges:
3/8/19- 3/15/19 - 90s
2/23/19-3/9/19 - Place
2/9/19-2/23/19 - slow groove
1/24/19-2/7/19 - 1264 genres of modern music challenge ( Find a genre that's new to you. Find a song and post it here, tagging with the genre(s).
1/12/19-1/26/19 - A moment in time
Eighties music+visual thinking
1/1/19-1/12/19 - Visual thinking
12/22/18-1/1/19 - Endings and beginnings
12/8/18-12/22/18 - Hot and cold
11/23/18-12/7/18 Emotional rollercoaster
11/9/18-11/23/18 Covers!
10/26/18 - 11/9/18: Memory, remembrance
10/12/18 - 10/26/18: Spooky, scary, and haunting
9/28/18-10/12/18: Stillness, quiet, silence
9/13/18-9/28/18: Flight, birds, taking to the sky
8/31/18-9/14/18: Passionate music, music with strong emotion
8/17-8/31 - A song that's humorous or makes you happy
8/3-8/17 - Meaningful lyrics
-Give us some music to dance to!
-Music you like in a genre that isn't your favourite.
-A song that describes how you feel today.
-A sad song that comforts you.
-A song that transcends space & time.
-A song that guts you every time you hear it.
-A band you've been listening to daily.
-An album you consider a masterpiece.
-A musician who is missed.
-Discussion: A show/movie you would recommend for the music.
-A favourite song from the 80s.
-A favourite song from the 90s.
-A song by a musician you don't really like.
-A song that doesn't get "old".

Community standards: If we can all just be kind to each other and respect that we won't always agree, then we're good. If any problems arise, we will revisit the community standards. If you have any issues or concerns, please message one of the mods.


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8-bit, a cappella, acid jazz, alt country, alternative, ambient, art punk, avant garde, baroque, bebop, big band, bluegrass, blues, bolero, bollywood fusion, bossa nova, broadway, cabaret, cassette culture, celtic, chanson, chant, chiptunes, chopped and screwed, choral, classic rock, classical, coupé-décalé, covers, crunk, crust punk, cryptic black metal, cuarteto, cumbia, cyber metal, cyberpunk, cymraeg, dance, dance hall, dangdut, danspunk, darkwave, death metal, delta blues, dembow, demoscene, denpa-kei, disco, doo-wop, downtempo, drone, drum and bass, dubstep, early modern classical, early music, easy listening, edm, electronic, electroswing, ethnomusicology, euro hi-nrg, eurobeat, experimental, fado, fidget house, filter house, filthstep, fingerstyle, finnish black metal, flamenco, folk, funk, girl group, glam metal, glitch, glitch beats, glitch hop, gnawa, go-go, goa trance, goralski, goregrind, gospel, gruperas inmortales, guadalajara indie, hammered dulcimer, handbells, hardcore, heavy metal, hip hop, honky tonk, house, industrial, instrumental, j-pop, jazz, jazz fusion, k-pop, kayōkyoku, klezmer, latin jazz, live music, lo-fi, mandopop, mantra, mariachi, marimba orquesta, marrabenta, mashup, maskandi, math rock, mathcore, mbalax, mbira, medieval, medieval folk, memphis soul, merengue, metal, minimalism, mixtape, modern classical, moombahton, mpb, mundart, murga, music, music box, musica de pernambuco, musica folk asturiana, musiikkia lapsille, musik anak-anak, musikkorps, musique acadienne, musique concrete, nerdcore, new orleans bounce, new wave, niggun, nintendocore, nl folk, no wave, noise, northern soul, opera, piphat, playlist, polka, pop, post punk, progressive house, progressive trance, psychedelic, punk, r&b, ragtime, rai, rancheros, rap, reggae, reggaeton, remix, rock, roots, salsa, salsa cubana, samba, sami, samoan pop, shaabi, shoegaze, showtunes, singer/songwriter, ska, soul, soundtrack, speed metal, speedcore, spoken word, swamp pop, swamp rock, swing, symphonic metal, tango, techno, tejano, thrash, torch, trance, trap, two tone, zydeco
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